WEDDINGS    $4500

PHOTO + VIDEO  $6,000

4 hours of coverage | Photo or Video

3-5 min highlight film + 1 min teaser

or an Online gallery of photos

8 hours of coverage | Photo or Video

5-8 min highlight film + 1 min teaser or

Online gallery of photos 

8 hours of photo & video coverage

Wedding Film Package + Online gallery of photos + Engagement session



What's included in your photo and video packages?

Elopement Package - Starting at $2,500

  • Up to 4 hours of coverage
  • 3 to 5 min. highlight film
  • 60 sec. teaser film
  • Engagement session & film
Wedding Film Package - Starting at $4,500
  • Up to 8 hours of coverage
  • 5 to 8 min. highlight film
  • 60 sec. teaser film
  • Complimentary engagement session
Wedding Photo and Video Package - $6,000
  • Up to 8 hours of photo and video coverage
  • 5 to 8 min. highlight film
  • 60 sec. teaser film
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • Online gallery of photos delivered digitally

Engagement Session - $450
  • Up to 1 hour session
  • ~1 min. highlight film
To secure your date, I require 25% down for the deposit and a signed contract!

Additional coverage options

All of my wedding film packages are customizable to fit your needs! All of which are available for purchase after your wedding day up to 1 year.

Here is what I offer:

  • The Audio Guestbook: $500
  • Full Ceremony Film: $750
  • Full Speech/Toast Film: $500
  • Unedited RAW Footage: $1000
  • Additional Hours of Coverage: $300/hr

Do you travel for weddings?

HECK YEAH I DO. I'm available nationwide in 2022! (Worldwide once Corona chills out haha). See my travel wedding film bucket list below for discounted rates!

So what does that cost? Good question!

Elopements and Weddings 4-6 hours outside of the St. Augustine, FL area
Hotel Accommodations only

Elopements and Weddings 7+ hours outside of the St. Augustine, FL area
Flight, Hotel and Rental Car Accommodations

Just so we're all on the same page, I do the research for the best travel deals and a flat rate will be discussed and applied to your total package amount prior to booking.

How & when will I receive my wedding film?

My turnaround time is around 8-10 weeks for final films and teasers are typically delivered within a week of your wedding. All films are delivered through an emailed download link!

All additional coverage is delivered with the final film!

We want to book you! How does that work?

Fill out a contact form and let's talk!

To secure your date, all I ask is 25% down for the deposit and a signed contract -- all done online! Once both of those are completed, you're all set with me! Your remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your wedding.

COVID-19 Policies & Postponement

First off, I feel you. This whole thing SUCKS. Planning a wedding during a worldwide pandemic is truly unlike anything else. Luckily for you, I planned my own wedding through the pandemic and went through 25+ postponements since Spring 2020 so this won't be my first rodeo. Yeah, it's been a wild year.

The Basics
If you decide to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 and the new date is within 6 months of your originally contracted date, the rescheduling fee will be waived. If your postponement date is 6+ months from your contracted date, your contracted rescheduling fee will be applied and will be due when your new contract and invoice is sent. Your final payment date will be adjusted, new contract will be signed and we go on as normal!

If you choose to downsize your wedding, your contract will not change. If you need to change the amount of coverage, please email me and we will adjust your contract and package price. For the most part, coverage hours haven't changed when couples have chosen to downsize.

If your decide to cancel your contract, your deposit is non-refundable. This is stated in your contract when signing!

Eloping Instead?
Okay, something good can come out of this! If you decide to elope, your original contract price will be adjusted to fit the elopement pricing guide (cheaper for you!). We pick an available date and make killer content. Simple as that!

Please know, I am fully booked for 2021 and am only taking a limited number of weddings in 2022. If you are thinking about postponing your wedding, please do not hesitate to reach out!

How do you choose the music used in your films? Are we able to choose the song?

My favorite question! I subscribe to a variety of music-sharing platforms. This means you will get an original, unique-to-you song for your wedding film. I VERY rarely ever use the same song twice. Down the road in 5, 10, 20+ years when you hear your watch your film or hear the song, it will always remind you of your special day. I view it as one of the most important aspects of your film! It can take HOURS to find the perfect song.

Also, I send a questionnaire to all of my couples prior to your wedding day to get a better idea of what your music tastes are, what emotions you want to portray, and the style of video you guys are going for. This is super helpful when I'm putting together your wedding film.

If you were to use a popular song on the radio, more than likely, Instagram or Facebook will take down your film and we don't want that!

Who do YOU want to work with?

You would think after doing this for so long I would have an answer ready for this question right away but everytime I get asked this my mind runs a million different directions. I truly love what I do. Capturing some of your most important memories is what makes me feel alive and keeps me going.

My kind of people lead with love. My people aren't afraid to get a little dirty. The wind is going to blow, there might be a chance of rain, timelines don't always work out perfectly -- my people get that. My people are down to do anything for the shot, collaborate on ideas, get goosebumps when their favorite song comes on, cry at a good sunset, sing as loud as they can in the car, have hour-long conversations about why we're all here, the list goes on and on.

Do I love earthy/neutral tones, styled weddings, trendy outfits and pretty locations? Hell yeah. Same as literally everyone else. At the end of the day, I want people who want me. People who watch my films and FEEL something. People that trust my creative vision and understand VIDEO. IS. NECESSARY. I don't want to be another checkmark on your vendor list.